Festive Break

After finishing my final exams, I went back home joyously. FYI, UIA break is a little bit different than other IPTAs where UIA held its final before the Eid Mubarak. This mean that others students won’t enjoy this break as we did. Do we? There’s also few times where local TV journalists went to UIA to record international students festival greeting. I pity to them because they don’t have the opportunity to return to their hometown like what most of Malaysian did whenever there’s a long break.

Besides, I guess I’m old enough not to get ‘duit raya’ as much as when I was a kid. Only close relatives gave me some money. From the TV news and newspapers, I can tell that this time, not every KL dwellers return to their hometown because the traffic on highway was very smooth. Besides, for the 4 days of Raya, rain falls on every evening. Heh, there’s 3 more week to celebrate this and I haven’t went to any of my friends’ open houses. They should have invited me.. 🙁

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