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Huh. last nite is the last rehearsal before our group perform in front of the lecturers. Yeah, and actually, we have to perform twice today. The morning session is for the lecturers to assess our instruments, costumes and song. Honestly, I can say that our morning session performance is ‘suck’. Probably we didn’t rehearse one more time before we step on the stage. Fikri’s guitar didn’t produce loud sound, Sadeed’s out of tempo, no simultaneous rhythm stop and the list goes on and on.

The song that we performed are

  • Geylang Si Paku Geylang (Instrumental)
  • Senyuman Ragamu (I’m the vocalist)
  • Remix Vio-pipe + Under The Sea (Disney Little Mermaid Theme)

However, the evening session is for the real performance. Public are welcomed to watch all the 5 groups performance. From Chinese, Jamaican, Japanese, 60’s and Arabian culture. Oops, before I forgot, I’m also the emcee for the event, alongside with Ida Nadirah. Can you imagine how busy I am? to be the emcee, the group leader, to record in videocam… and I failed to record the evening session with my videocam because the battery is low. Damn! I thought I already charge the batteries.

In conclusion, I am more satisfied with the evening performance and almost each group perform better in the evening. There are 3 award and the best costumes goes to Arabian group, most entertaining goes to Chinese group and my group won the ‘BEST OVERALL’ award. Hehe. Its totally cool eh?

P/S- refresh and enjoy! Still didn’t open the hamper yet..

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