Final touch for AGD

Its the name for the annual grand dinner for AED students which was held at Holiday Villa Subang on last Saturday night. At first, I went out from my place to buy 100 buns for the Sundays’ family day. I’ve searched for few Petronas Stations and supermarkets. Why Giant and Carrefour don’t sell these buns? I’ve look for the buns with Hazwan because he was going to the dinner with me.

After I passed all the buns to my assistant, Rashita, I went to my college to pray and have some lunch at Aika Cafe. After that, I bought Digital 8 video tape for Fikri. Next, we head to the venue with some guide from Haikal, we arrived at the hotel by 4:15pm. I thought there will be some time to dip in the swimming pool. I parked my car somewhere out of the hotel compound because.. I’m not the hotel guest.

At first, I was a little lost in the hotel lobby, because I don’t know where was the Victorian Ballroom and where is the elevator that lead to room no. 1515. As I see one senior who is busy carrying items, I just followed him and I manage to get my way around the hotel area. I stepped in the ballroom and there they are…

Some performers were trying and rehearsing some of the songs that they will perform that night. While, the technical part of the multimedia presentation will need my assistance. I helped Fikri and Imran to put some of the pictures and videos for the closing part of the function.

Then, Bro. Zulkhairi asked all committees to get prepared with their attires because they’ll need to checked out by 7pm.

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