Finals exams started

Its the final exams season and I only have 5 written tests. Starting from Halaqah, Bahasa Melayu, 2 core courses subjects and Quran Sunnah. Huhu. I totally hate reading and memorizing all these subjects. Why most students nowadays are exam oriented? its not a very good habit like when the exam is over, it is for sure, all of us will tend to forget just what he/she learns.

I say its for most students in Malaysia. That’s also refers to me. But I think, if the knowledge is fardhu ain (obligatory for every muslim), then its hard for Muslim to forget. Most abandoned knowledge that I talk about is the fardhu kifayahs. Another good point is during the SPM, most students struggle very hard (me too) and once I enter UIA, I almost forgot all the physics, chemistry and mathematic stuff. Its just that we don’t need all that subject anymore. Its too detail and I don’t understand, why I struggle so hard before, and finally end up in design school. No more maths, physics and chemistry. I used to love that subject..

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