Financial Planning

Well, is kinda too soon for me to plan my financial. Once I heard at community service advertisement, is about planning your financial.

Well, I did as follow for last 2 months. And from them, I think I don’t want to jot down where my money goes. Because I know, I used to spend my money wisely and I can say that for a normal day, I would usually spend not more than RM7.50 just for my daily meal.

Since I’ve just got my allowance for this semester, I wish to buy something else but in the next semester, I wont retrieving any allowance. That’s why I still need to have my own budget.

One more thing I love this semester is that, in my core course subjects, I only have to sketch, draw, draft and colouring. No more model making until the final project. Well, its kinda save a lot of money!!

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