Firefox3, Feedreader and WP2.6

These are the latest stuff that I’ve just installed in my machine. So what it is all about?
Firefox has been one of the best internet browser for the past few years. I’ve been evaluating 4 browsers concurrently, IE 7, Opera, Safari and also Firefox. Notice what Safari is lacking of? It doesn’t have the tabbed browsing which is greatly important for today web surfing and also blog editing.

I’ve just installed Firefox 3 to replace the version 2. Opera also had released its latest version. So far I prefer Firefox best. I’ve just designed this theme called Grungew 1.0. Its my first ever theme that I’ve designed for my own blog. So what you think of it? It looks a bit terrible in IE6 and Opera.

Feedreader is a free software that helps me subscribe to RSS feed especially my friends’ blog. Its easier to check for the latest post and its a bit lightweight.

WordPress 2.6
Finally, the latest version of WordPress 2.6 which is called Tyner. I’ve just installed it last week. In conjunction with that, I’d like to officiate my new Grungew theme.

There are many new fixes and features which I haven’t explored yet. I love to update my software from time to time just as updating antivirus.

However, newer is not always better. This is why I still using some older version for Yahoo! Messenger 8 and also AVG Free Edition 7.

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