First preview of Windows 8 Developers Preview

Salam. Recently I have upgraded my OS again, and now I’m running Windows 8 Developers Preview. It seems like I’m changing OS quite frequent.

Why I upgraded?

This machine used to run Windows XP. Then I wish to try Linux and that’s why I installed Ubuntu 11. But then, I feel less productive working in Ubuntu environment, mainly because I still can’t run Photoshop and Illustrator efficiently.

At that time, I still have dual boot Windows XP. That’s how I managed to survive with the design and graphics stuff. I made up my mind to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7. Since I’ve been postponing the upgrading session, out of the blue, Windows 8 DP was released. Since it is free for now, I guess I should give it a try.

Installation process

I downloaded Windows 8 DP from the official Windows website. Here’s the link in case you want to try it.

Since I don’t want the hassle of installing with DVD or USB drive, I found a way to install directly from the ISO mount. You might as well use this simple trick to install Windows 8 DP on your PC. The installation won’t take much time and all I can say is that I have successfully installed Windows 8 DP from Windows XP.

By the way, this is the specification of my computer. Mind you it’s not a new PC. It’s a used one that I got on eBay. It’s a Pentium D, first generation dual core processor with 1GHz memory.

Drivers issue
There are some problems with the graphic display since Windows does not install the device driver. I managed to rectify the problem by installing Intel (R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver. Other drivers work like a charm.

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First Preview: Metro UI

This is new. This is what you’ll see once you logged into Windows. Apparently Metro UI and the desktop mode works together. Imagine this. When you click on the start button, you won’t be able to view the list of your installed programs. Instead, the Metro UI will open up and your apps or softwares will be displayed there.

If using a tablet has the Home button, while using a desktop, you can press the Windows button, usually between the CTRL and ALT button on your keyboard.

Anyway, since this is Developers Preview, which means, developers are encouraged to develop apps for Windows, then there are not much apps available. It is good that it comes with plenty of basic apps and games. Otherwise the Metro UI will look empty and be quite useless.

That’s all for now. I’m going to enjoy my first ever legal Windows copy on my PC for the next few months.

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