Floating Structure

Its my first studio project entitled ‘Integrated Project: Floating Structure’. So what its all about? Floating is all about making something float either in the air or on the surface of a water. Structure? i think its combination of materials that can support weight.

OK, enough of the vocabularies. Its not the accurate definition, so you have to look for them in wikipedia for precise intepretations. Among the design criteria for this project is that; it floats (without any air trapped inside); support more than 70 kilogrammes; stable; portability; and it has aesthetic value.

I was in the same group with Khairul Izhar, Aslam, Thuwaibah, Haslinda and Siti Sarah. In the early of the project, I’m totally not in the right mood for designing. I think that, since its a group work, why don’t let my friend do the design and I’m just help in construction and presentation board.. I’m good working with computers and that’s why I’m thinking bout it..

About our design? Its very simple. Derived from a tortoise hexagonal shell – we call our prototype as ‘HAX’ with the tagline of ‘Simple, Practical, Lightweight’. Only 3 materials involved which are dustbins, bamboos and manila rope.

Here’s just a simple report. We started working on constructing the HAX from Sunday 17th Dec to Friday 22nd Dec. We’ve tested on Tuesday and it seems that it can support my weight. Up to Thursday, the bamboo has shrunk and the knot (ibo knot) was loosen. And finally, the day of judgement where we put on our prototype at a river near Convest hill to test it to the extreme. Good thing, our design support more than 100kgs without any hassle. We also come up with the presentation bunting instead of using boards for the presentation day.

Its hard to describe about the design now, I will upload the pictures later. Please come back again later!

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  1. that’s too abstract and too ‘kaedian’. cant imagine so much. am waiting for the picture to get better view ๐Ÿ˜€

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