Food Poisoning

I’m having a terrible stomacheache. Damn, I really got sick of this. Even, I dun have the will to go to class. But, I try my best just to get the attendance. Besides, I thought I caught a cold..

Okay, that’s what happened from the morning. After that, I went to the clinic to get some medicine. Surprisingly, I saw unfamiliar faces, they are some people from Ministry of Health and I wonder if something big happened.

Eventually, a lotta people also having the same symptom as mine. Its food poisoning and the doctor told me, its diarhoea. After the treatment, I felt much relieved after I take those pills..

The lesson is, when you go to ‘Pasar Malam’, be careful on what you are going to buy and eat. That day, I ate ‘Nasi Kerabu’, one of the famous local dishes in East Coast..

P/s- its the first and the last time I have ‘Nasi Kerabu’

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