Hmm.. its been awhile since I didn’t go for a forum at UIA. Last time it was last December, under Raudhah Festival. This time, it was organised by MSCC and the topic of the forum was ‘Young Generation New Dinasty’. Sort of like that. I forgot the topic. But what interest me most is the both panelist.

Well, of course ya’ll know who is Wan Sohor Bani Leman. He used to appear on TV and radio. While another panelist is Wan Akashah, the hubby of Ustzh Nurbahayah. This person also aired as early as 6am on ‘Motivasi Pagi’.

Hmm.. what’s wrong with the forum? I used to have different point of view when I was in any event. From the beginning, I don’t like the MC, the way he talk.. hm.. Besides, there are also something wrong with the multimedia presentation. I think the designer had something with the political scene in Malaysia. Even, there are some opposition leaders’ images inside the presentation. I totally don’t like that.

One more thing is that, Wan Sohor Bani is a funny person when it comes to live show without any recording. It’s not like when you see him on Al-Kuliyyah, TV3. He also used to forget what he told earlier and he will refer back to the moderator.

Adlan – Knowledge is power

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