Fraser’s Hill – Day 1


Its 31st December, the last day of 2004. I woke up at 6.10am because my friends made a wake up call for me. Its a big day for me coz I’m going to Fraser’s Hill with all my friends, I mean with AED students that take ED2 only.Hehe.

We departed from MCIIUM at 8.45am and arrived at Gap at 11.30am. It took an hour to reach FH. We checked in to our rooms. My room is B10-2-1 with my roomate Idris, Afiq, Izzudin (Bob), Imran and Zul. We didn’t go for Jumuahs Prayer because at that time, we don’t know where is the mosque:P When I reach there, DAMN. Its very cold (compared to KL) and we’ve got fog, mist and blistering wind blow at us. I need to put my sweater(even I’m not sweating!), my glove and my snowcap to cover my head.

At 3pm, we went for some briefings by the organizer. Since we need to adapt our body temperature with FH, then me and my friends just slept during the briefings.We woke up and we don’t know nothing! The first activity started at 5pm, Treasure Hunt. The game is exciting but there are a few weaknesses. We’ve got the same clue and my group was disqualified. Thank God, our group managed to get 2nd last! 😛

At 8pm, we have dinner in the mist. Its kinda cold and soon after that, we sat in our activity group and get prepared for the next day’s performance.

Hey, its the last day of 2004 and I’m at damn cold Fraser’s Hill.

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