From Satria to Waja

Its my mum’s car. She changed from Satria 1.3 1995 to Waja 1.6 2005. What is it with me? I found pleasure driving the old white Satria compares to Kancil 650. But, seems my mum looking for better car, either Waja or Vios and Waja had captured her attention better.

She ordered the car through my auntie, a Proton sales person, and I found that its easier to deal with the ordering and buying process if we had someone who might be behind all these, unofficially we called them as ‘cable’. From applying loan with bank, retaining old plat number ‘MS 6686’ with the JPJ and all these process I guess had taken kinda like 2 weeks. But, there are also some problems where there’s un-tally record of the vehicle. While waiting them to recover these problems, I got myself a new shirt for Raya festive at Kinta City’s Reject Shop.

What’s the different between Waja and Satria? First of all, the engine, where Waja is powerful. Space? Waja also more spacious, from passenger to storage part. And the cons is that, this Waja have automatic transmission (I don’t like it! but I just discovered that it also has other 3 extra gears to accelerate or climb) and since its automatic and powerful, it consumes more petrol. This makes me think twice or thrice if I wanna take this Waja for a stroll in the city. Otherwise, I have to spend some money for its petrol.

My mum don’t want the ‘P’ sticker to be pasted on the windscreen. That’s mean, I only can drive this car officially once I ended my probationary period which lasts this coming March.

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