Games Review

I finished these two games during my one month break, here’s the review..

Matrix: Path of Neo.
I enjoy watching the trilogy of Matrix and in this game, I like the gameplay. Its a shooting game but if you are out of ammo, you can use kung-fu or its martial arts to killed the enemy. Besides, it combos is also cool where you can mix and my favourite one is the ‘focus’ a.k.a. slow motion. The final showdown where Neo fight Agent Smith in the air is not very realistic. At least its better than fighting in the air like ‘Dragonball’ games. In the end, you have to fight with gigantic Agent Smith (very nonsense) and you are awarded with bonus of cinematic bloopers. Hey, its just game but I bet the programmer is boring and having some fun with having stupid bloopers like those.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted
This game is really tiring if you don’t know about it. Yea, its gaming and its learning. Its very simple game of racing but added with pursuit. Just like racing and evading from cops. As I read from its official forum, some people raise their dissatisfaction due to the song tracks, cars selection but its still a good game to be enjoyed. I also loved the artificial intelligence (A.I) where the racers as well as the cops know how to drive and avoid accidents or collisions. The pursuit is really tiring than the main races. Due to my passion to this game, I even put a design of my cars as my desktop wallpaper. Hehe.. you can watch it at my deviantart

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