GE14 Pre-election Digital Campaign Analysis

GE-14 is just around the corner. All political parties have already started their online campaigns especially after the announcement of the manifesto.

Whether you like it or not, online media is the best way to market to your audience. Since they want to target specific geographic of audience (read: voters) they can target based on the user’s location.

BN with their mammoth budget for digital campaign, have been running their ads with Google AdWords. You might notice their campaign all over the web, where they run their Google Display Network ads to promote their manifesto.

When I check the ‘why am I seeing this ads’ option, their target is simple – geographic. They simply target all users in Malaysia to see their ads.

They also have started their Youtube campaign under the channel Gelora Hauz with #namasayanajib and Fakta vs Auta video series.

I can conclude that BN is very smart and creative this time with their ads, trying their best with big budget for brand awareness. The important message to be delivered here is to make people recognize and remember ‘dacing’ when people cast their votes.

On the other side, kudos for Pakatan Harapan (PH) for the strong commitment to fight BN this time by using one name. I have believed since last year that ROS won’t simply approve PH to battle against BN.

This year the strategy is quite clever and they have decided to use one symbol which is the PKR ‘all seeing eye’ in all their campaigns.

For the past 1 week, we know PH component parties don’t have that kind of big budget for extensive digital marketing campaign. That’s not a big deal. Through social media, with the right message (image and content), the messages can go viral and touch people heart more.

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PH need to master this technique. I’ve seen one post from a candidate FB page that managed to get more than 900 shares in 1 day, with a status that touches people heart. If you don’t write meaningful piece of article, it won’t get shared easily.

Less than 23 days to the election day, I can’t wait to see how PH can have uniformity and creativity in their digital campaign material.

Unlike in the business world, you can track the number of conversion. We only can know when the election result is announced.

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