Giant Posters

For my studio third studio project recently, among the requirements are to produce 3 A2 size of posters that showing the concept, metaphors, design statements, development process and the orthographic drawings of my light fitting. Since I have my own passion in creating and desiging graphic, I had created something cool with Photoshop CS2.

Please click on those thumbnails to view bigger picture

And another one is that, this is my first time I printed out kinda huge size of softcopy. Yea, can you imagine, every single poster is A2 size, (four times A4 size) and of course it cost me a lot. Each poster with glossy paper is only RM16 and times 3.. anyway, I’m happy because that RM47 is worth than others of my friend who don’t explore much into graphic. They only use powerpoint with putting text here and there. Not so professional to me..

P/S – next time I would rather spend RM16 for my own poster.. 😛

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