Hmm.. girls.. I do have a lot of trouble with making relationship. I really hate when it come to this. Well, at this time I admit that I’m a ‘LOSER’. I never win in making relationship.

I like befriends with girls.
I be too kind to them.
I flirted with them.
I captured their hearts.
I crashed ’em all.
I wasted so much time & money to them.

Now, everyone around me labeled me as a player. But me myself know that I’m a loser. I’ll never win a place in a girl’s heart. For them, I’m not a good person and I’m not a right guy to be a boyfriend.

I really depressed. This is my third time I shout out my trouble with girls. Then, what am I supposed to do next? I do regretted once, but the things won’t be better. It’s getting worse.

I guess the only thing I can do to forget these girls.. yeah.. I only need to give up. Mess with the things I love to do like playing games, handycam and the most important in my life, I have to worship God, love and fear Him. Its the only way to seek for peacefulness and calmness in life.

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