Greater KL Model at Federal Territories Ministry Building, Putrajaya

Salam. Among the things that I enjoy watching are models including buildings, cars and toys. During my visit to the building of Ministry of Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing in Putrajaya, I’ve spotted this large city model.

It is stated the Greater KL model. This is what I got from PEMANDU website.

Greater KL / Klang Valley is already on the global map as one of the iconic cities of Southeast Asia. It boasts world-renowned landmarks such as the PETRONAS Twin Towers, a unique blend of diverse cultures and heritage, an extensive road network and high quality basic services such as water and electricity. However, it now faces fierce competition from neighbouring cities in attracting talent and multinational corporations. Its liveability lags many other Asian cities, public transport remains inadequate and many natural assets remain untapped.

If you can guess the green area, that is how they plan on the development of Kampong Bharu. Anyway, this is just an impression of how Greater KL should be in 2020.

This model covers from Sungai Buloh (west) to Ampang (east) and from Taman Melati (north) to Putrajaya (south).

Well this model sure reminds me of Singapore city model back in 2007 during my visit to Urban Redevelopment Authority office.

Currently Dato’ Raja Nong Chik is the Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing. Greater KL is a concept introduced by PEMANDU lead by Dato’ Idris Jala. For more information about Greater KL, please visit PEMANDU website.

2 thoughts on “Greater KL Model at Federal Territories Ministry Building, Putrajaya”

  1. I hope this good plan works. I mean it. In fact some “plans” are just for the benefits for some groups and what do the rakyat get? That’s the question.

    Again I hope this plan works for the benefit of all people.

  2. agreed. stop making blunt promises and start make things come true. expand no road anymore. drill deep on making our public transportation system super efficient instead to serve a GREATER purpose in paving our way to achieve GREATER KL =)

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