GTA 3 Soundtrack

Do you listen to radio? Yea, I sure did because I love music and when I’m driving, its the only partner that I have when I’m alone. There’s something that makes me wanna say the relation of todays mainstream music and GTA San Andreas game soundtracks.

For example in Gwen Stefani – Luxurios, she got that song from ‘The Isley Brothers – Between The Sheets‘. The first time I listen to Gwen’s, I knew that’s the same beat as in the game soundtrack.

Second example, I used to listen to at 103.0 FM and during the ‘Xfresh Planet’ slot (and other slots as well), the DJ will loop this song as their background music. Actually its the ‘Hollywood Swingin’ by Kool and the Gang‘ song.

P/S – Love the radio advertisements in GTA 3

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