Happy Eid Fitr

Hi. I would like to wish all my readers Happy Eid Fitr 1425.

Anyway, I would like to recap my festive celebration.

First Day.

I celebrated at Bentong, at my uncle’s house. I performed prayers at nearby surau. There are 4 big families at Bentong and together with my Grandfather. After that, I visited my uncle’s cousin house, my cousin’s hopelessly-to-be-mother-in-law and my cousin’s parent’s house. That’s all in Bentong.

After that, we returned back to KL and I drop by at my mum’s cousin at Cheras. Instead of duit raya, I’ve got VCD raya. We are also entertained by fire crackers. But how there was also police officers were entertained by those fire crackers?

Second Day.

Nothing happen. Just we went back to Perak. But my pet is the troublesome. We waited for 3 hours for it and by 3pm we departed and arrived at Sindu at 6pm. We overnite at Tok Lili’s house.

Third Day.

We went to Taiping but we canceled our plan tu Kedah. They were not at home. But we just went to Kuala Kangsar to take some pictures. We visited Tok Mahyun’s family and Uncle Mizi’s new house. We overnite at Tok Su’s house.

Fourth day.

I visited my relatives at Ipoh. 5 houses exactly, from Rapat Setia to Taman Desa..? sort of like that. I overnite at the same house as yesterday but I couldn’t sleep soundly.

Fifth day.

Its the final day at Perak. On the way, I visited my cousin at Gopeng and we arrived home by 530pm.

Some trivia….

*I lost my pet, Kitty this raya at my cousin’s house

*Its the first raya I celebrated with digicam and videocam.

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