Happy ending

Is it a happy ending for me this semester? I don’t have any idea. Everything went very fast this time and 4 months is just like 4 weeks. There are many things that happen this semester. Lets recap. Among the major events are KAED Fest, MAKUM Pantun Fest, Convest, Campus General Election, AKHI Project programs, visit to Singapore to name a few.

Besides that, I was having a hard time in time management with the courses and my social life. Design studio with the new part-time Perodua lecturer, Sports Management with the morning class, English with the term paper, materials, rendering etc. Not to forget my new room mates, AKHI members, my special ones and many more. I really enjoy all these hardship and difficulties in life because they make my life more colourful, enjoyable yet meaningful than before.

Here’s a not a picture of my studio projects. The step mover and Xpax radio. I wonder if am I gonna get good grades for ’em.

After all the tiring studio works, my friends and I went to Asia Design Network Conference at MATRADE Convention Centre. There were speakers from all over east Asia, and some of them are very good. But I’ve fallen asleep few times. I wish I can stay awake longer but the cosy environment is very comfortable for sleeping. Guess I’m such a sleepyhead down there. It was the first time being to MATRADE as I only can see this building from far each time I heading to KL from the PLUS highway.

P/S: All the best for the final exams. May God shower His blessings on all of us and help you guys through it. InsyaAllah.

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