Happy New Year

Another warm new year greetings to all my blog reader. Thanks for your visit. Let’s share your wishes and your resolutions. When its new year, why don’t we check and balance with what we have been through all of these days. Have your last year’s resolution achieved?

I don’t remember if I have any resolution for 2005. The main thing that I remember is that, last year I celebrated the new year at Fraser’s Hill together with all my AED department’s students. I still can feel the chill up to today.

However, its a new year and I admit that I should have my own new resolution this time. I’m not gonna let this prosperous year gone just like that. Here’s among my resolution

  • expand my network all over UIA
  • contribute more to the community
  • gain ideal weight
  • have a serious short term relationship

So, I guess that’s all that I can list for today. Until then, wanna share something with me? Drop me a line OK?

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