Happy New Year!!

Its a new year!! But I’m stuck at damn Fraser’s Hill.

The Digi 016 coverage is very bad. I need to go to certain places to get the coverage. I need to send SMSs to my friends to wish ’em a happy new year. Its OK. I’ve got other unactive 2 network.hehe.. Its the first night at FH and I just slept with socks and blanket.

We had breakfast at 9am and its very cold since the wind is so strong.

We entered the hall at the Club House and our respective studio master, Mdm. Nurhaya gave us a short briefing about Site analysis. After that, we gathered back into our activity group to rehearse for tonight. After that, we had some lunch. Next, we did our site analysis. Exactly, our assignment at FH is to transform the tennis court into a garden of senses. (Whatever!) and we also need to make some sketches of scenery that was found at FH.

In the evening, since we couldnt make any sketch, because the air is too moist and our sketch book might get wet, most of us didnt do the sketch book task. Just hang around in our room and hibernating (sleep actually). Since hanging at room is quite boring, I did some stupid action. I went out with single shirt, pant and snowcap, without sweater. So, you guys can imagine, how cold am I? I took some picture that I can use for my sketch book task and some basket ball player.

Before the group performance at 9pm, I accompanied my friend, Fikri to find the right chord for his song with guitar. And soon after dinner, its the memorable night in my life. My group is the first to perform and I am the solo. I need to sang ‘Where is the love? – Black Eyed Peas’. Even my rap is not very good, hey, my group didn’t rehearse at all. Ehmm… well, I guess its a good starting point for me to enhance my career in music. I’m loving it!

Finally, my group again won the 2nd last place. Hehehe..!!

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