Honeymoon in Blue Mountain, Australia

Salam. Officially, this is our first honeymoon since we got married 4 months ago. We decided to go for a trip to Blue Mountain with other fellow Malaysians during the Easter Sunday holiday. It was a 3-hour drive to get there.

For your information, Easter break is one of the long holiday besides Christmas break here in Australia. This is the time when most Aussies will go for camping, fishing or other outdoor activities.

Echo Point

Our first stop is Echo Point. This is one of the lookout area where we could witness the Blue Mountain as it is called which is one of the magnificent creations of Allah. The valley portrays a beautiful scenery with lush greenery surrounding it. Just imagine the Grand Canyon in the States, covered with trees.

The Three Sisters

These are the magnificent rock formation that can be seen from Echo Point. According to the legend, they were three sisters who were turned into three rocks by a witchdoctor.

Scenic World

This is our next destination. This is where visitors can have a better view of the valley either by cable car, skyway, railway or simply stroll on their own.

There were too many visitors on that day. We had to queue for almost an hour before we could purchase a ticket to ride the Skyway and queue for another half an hour before we could board the ride which only lasted for 2.5 minutes!

The Blue Mountain provides such a scenic and breathtaking view that I’ve ever seen in my life. I really enjoyed the day with my wife and our friends. However, the journey was tiresome due to traffic jams and we arrived home at Newcastle at about 12am.

Wonder where our next honeymoon destination would be..

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  1. Assalam.. saya berminat utk melancong ke Sydney. suka tengok gambar2 yg di post di sini. Tapi kalau boleh nak duduk apartment 2 bilik ke, sbb saya ada 4 anak dan saya boleh memasak. Tetapi saya mungkin perlukan tourist guide. Mungkin saya memerlukan ground pekej. Tiket saya boleh beli sendiri. Adlan masih di sana ke? Terima kasih

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