How to add image as background of blog header

Salam. Recently, one of my visitor asked me on how to change or customize the look of wordpress blog. I guess the blogger just shifted from Blogger to WordPress and the blogger might confused with the overall layout, theme and CSS in WordPress.

So, in order to help the blogger, I’ve decided to come up with a screencast tutorial. I think it is easier to learn by watching and learning instead of just reading the whole thing.

Basically, this is my first and official WordPress screencast tutorial. I’ll create more tutorial in the future. Thanks to Screencast-o-matic for the useful Java application that allows me to capture my screen without any installation (except Java). It is in Malay language and target audience are WordPress and CSS beginners. The duration of this tutorial is 13 minutes.

In this tutorial, I’ll cover on how to add a background to a header section of a wordpress blog, changing the position of the header elements and change font type. The theme for this tutorial is Green Park 2 by Cordobo. Check it out.

Cara mengubah CSS WordPress

More tutorials coming soon. If you have any question, please ask me in the comment form below. Thank you.

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