How to listen to Malaysian radio in your car using iPhone when abroad

Salam. In this entry, I’d like to share a simple trick on how to listen to Malaysian online radio in your car. The thing is that, while abroad, I still want to listen to Malaysian radio and Malay songs in my car when I drive. To me, simply plugging an MP3 player is not enough.

The thing with MP3 players is that, you’ll only listen to songs. I favour listening to radio stations better because they have radio announcers, songs, advertisements, informations and more. This is what MP3 players don’t have. So now, let’s us continue with the trick.

Things to have

  • iPhone with plenty of data bandwidth
  • Auxiliary cable
  • Car stereo with Auxiliary input (aux-in)
  • iPhone apps


  1. Simply just connect the iPhone to the car Aux-in using the Aux cable. Refer to the diagram below.
  2. Run one of these apps

iPhone apps review

There are plenty of iPhone apps for listening to streaming online radio from Malaysia. This is my review after giving them a try. Most of them streams using public radio servers. Click on the app name to view their iTunes page.

1. Radio Malaysia ($0.99)

Simple interface with 15 not so popular Malaysia radio station with record function.

2. 1Radio Malaysia+ ($0.99)

This app has the most number of Malaysia radio station but most of the popular ones (Astro radios) are not available. Some of the URLs are not working.

3. Radio & TV Malaysia & Singapore ($0.99) – highly recommended

This app has the coolest user interface design among the three. There are also Singapore radio stations. You can also watch RTM TV1 and TV2 using this app.

Please note that when you stream the radio using 3G, it will use plenty of data. I use the radio mainly in the city area where the 3G coverage is at its best. Otherwise, I’ll just listen to the MP3.

Give it a try and good luck!

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