Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid – My First Time

I went to Sunway Pyramid for ice skating with my friend, Acap and my sister, Anis. She also met her cyber friend, Nana there. Actually, it is my first time to go for an ice skating.

I went to Sunway Pyramid before this but I didn’t go for it. At that time, if I am not mistaken, it costs only RM13 on weekdays but this time the rate had increased. I had to pay RM19 for unlimited hours. Besides we had to buy the glove which cost me another RM5. So, I would like to remind ya’ll, if you wanna try ice skating, bring along RM30 (I dunno in case they had increased the charges), a pair of glove and a pair of quite thick socks.

Before I hit the ice rink, I was totally anticipated and nervous. I only happen to see them from outside. I wonder what will happen if I was in their shoes. After a short queue at the counter, I picked my skate shoe (size 41@7.5). It was quite tight. And then I hit the ice rink..

Wow! It was very slippery. That was my first assumption. I had to balance myself by lie against the wall on the side. After I made one big circle arround the rink, I tried not to depend on the wall anymore. Well, I got the rhythm. Left, right, left, right… V shaped movement. However, I still couldn’t balance properly. So I moved slowly. I guess I learn it quite fast. Acap also a good learner. My sister took longer time to move without depend on the wall.

Anyway, I fell down 4 times. And 1 time critical fall. I fell on my head and then my whole body felt the pain. Anyway, I’m still eager to give it another try after they resurface the rink. In the end of the day, I got one big bruise on my head, some ache around my body (Hey! I haven’t go for any sport lately, that’s why I got some ache).

And finally, I’ve gotta say this. “Ice skating is damn fun”. I will go for it every month or more frequent. You guys better try it yourself. It’s the coolest activities in Malaysia.

For more information about Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating,check this link

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