IDEA AGD… what the hell is it? Its the abbreviation of AED students’ society Annual Grand Dinner. The objective of the dinner is to bid farewell to students who will graduate from matriculation centre this semester. Its the biggest event of AED department since the Fraser’s Hill trip.

Well, I’m not one of the committee. But, most of my cliques are committees. Its OK, because they are having their work like hell.. Ooopps.. no. I mean, they really work very hard in order to make this event as grand as the name, Annual Grand Dinner. Hehe.. so, what am I here to help?

I just happen to help my friends in the invitation cards, because they are using the Photoshop, and I just know about it better, so I do assists them. Hmm.. I’m also the one who did the video clip of Fraser’s Hill, the duration of the video is just 2 minutes and I pick some best video shot from my friends recordings and I put Simple Plan ‘Welcome to my Life’ as the background music of the video. I’m using Pinnacle Studio 9 and I do like video editing.

The best part is that, I’m going to perform for the dinner. I will play the piano part in the new hit song from Indonesia, ‘Mungkin Nanti’ by Peter Pan, ‘Look What You’ve Done’ by Jet and .. is there going to be a bonus song for me to play? I’ll tell ya later..

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