Iftar at KLCC

me and pikot

It was Tuesday, and I went to KLCC for break fast with one of my best friend. Well, we have a very good time together. Let me introduce ya’ll about her.

She is Pikot, it’s her nick name. I’ve know her since we’re in SMAKL and we moved to the same technical school. And fortunately, we’re in the same class for two years. This period of time had give me some sort of chance to know and understand her better. And finally we’ve become a good friend. Once, she told me that she had a crush on me, but I prefer to become her friend instead of becoming her boyfriend.

She also in the same course in her college. She is taking Architecture at UiTM, Perak and I’m taking the same subject at Matric IIUM at PJ. Well, we’re spending our good time together. Actually, she had been waiting for me for 2 hours. How can the same day is one of the busiest day in my life?

One the same day, I woke up at 2pm. I need to send my sister to get her application form to technical school. I think she’ll be in my former school. That’s why Pikot had to wait for me about 2 hours. But its okay to her since she hadn’t hang out at KLCC since she entered her college.

She dominate our conversation. Yes, she kinda talkative and I like it. That’s why I’m a good listener but sometimes.. I don’t get what people around me are saying.. But I just nodded my head to show that I understand them.. Hehehe..

We sat at an eatery just half an hour before break fast. She let me see her photo album and I got to see how she live in her college lately. Well, I can conclude that we are in the different college yet our syllabus is almost the same. Just 20 minutes before break fast, we changed to another eatery because the previous one didn’t offer much choice. Then we moved to another eatery, order our food.

It’s break fast or dawn already and it just theĀ  two of us. She was expecting one of our friends to arrive but unfortunately, he can’t make it on time. He arrived half an hour after that.

After that, we perform prayers at surau and soon after that we headed back to our


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