Ihtifal ASDAF

Its just another annual event for Asrama Darul Falah (ASDAF). This place is just like a hostel that only provide the condusive learning environment for Orang Asli’s children.

I can say that we were the volunteers that helped in make the event a success. We held telematch for the kids and we also help in keeping the stalls running. There are 12 stalls and visitors can eat whatever they wanted and its all for FREE!

There were also some nasyid group performance such as Nowseeheart, SaffOne,Naufal and others. So, just like the day before, I was the cameraman and I’m quite busy with my videocam. Hey, they’ve give me the oppurtunities, so, why don’t I show off my skill?

Hah.. its is also another memorable event in my life because for 19 years I’ve been living in the world, its the first time for me to win a lucky draw. Actually, there are 200 plus prizes to be won from the lucky draw. That why the probability for me to win is quite high.

Its kind a great time to be with the kids and what else? Through this event, I can improve my social skills with other students from different courses, not only AED students. I can say that I prefer this event than last nite dinner. All the girls were friendly and I keep asking myself, why does the girl that I adore don’t act like they did? I mean, they were very sporting, friendly and nice.

There is sumthing that was playing in my mind. Throughout this event, I used to stare at one girl, I admit that she is good-looking. So, when the event ended, I went and asked that girls’ friends that I’d love to take their pictures. And then, they asked me again, am I going to take their pictures or am I going to take a picture with her? Hehe.. well, I wonder how can these girls can discover so quick that I like that girl? In the end, I only manage to take a picture of theirs because the time is running out and they’ll return back to college. While I’ll return back home to send my car back.

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