IIUM is closed.. what’s wrong then?

Yeah.. IIUM is closed because of the haze that have been shrouding the campus lately and the students started wearing facemask. I went to clinic but its already out of stock. Then, I bought one in front of Bank Islam which cost me 1 buck.

Just after my ‘History of Art’ class ended, we heard an announcement of the closing of IIUM until this Sunday. What makes me sick is that, we can’t use the workshop for our ‘Experimental Band’ thingy but its OK to have such delay. I bet some of the lecturers are having difficulties re-arranging the course schedule.

So, what else left for me over there? I canceled my group meeting and I hope that they will prepare all the materials that we needed for Sunday night meeting. I’m totally not a good leader this time. I screwed my group organization from the beginning. Just see what will happen in the end.. its not gonna be good.. For sure!

P/S- How was it in Matric PJ?

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