[Infographic] What Isra Mi’raj Is All About


UPDATE: I’m sorry there’s an error on the missing 5th Heaven. If you want to print this infographic, please correct them first.

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3 thoughts on “[Infographic] What Isra Mi’raj Is All About”

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  2. salaam brother. masha allah an amazing poster on the isra wa al miraj. I am part of Friends of Al-Aqsa organisation and was looking to reprint this so that we can give to our branches.

    Please let me know if this is possible or not.

    Jazak Allah

    Bilal Anwar
    facebook: Friends of Aqsa
    facebook: friends of al aqsa glasgow


    1. Salam brother.

      Before you print it, there’s a slight error at the missing 5th Heaven. You can fix them using ‘Noticia Text’ font or similar.

      Thank you

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