Insultation of Prophet Muhammad Video Presentation

Salam. Few weeks before the celebration of Maulidurrasul, one of my blog visitor asked me to create a multimedia presentation regarding the insultation of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Eventhough I was occupied with other jobs, but I’m willingly to spend some time to produce this presentation. Please note that I create this video based on the storyboard provided. I’m not very good in copywriting or storytelling. However I’ve chosen In-Team song, Pemergianmu because it is one of the touching song about Prophet Muhammad.

Enjoy the show.

Please note that the blog mentioned in this video was taken out or banned by WordPress due to religious sensitivity.

This video is created entirely with Adobe After Effects. Feel free to spread and share with others. If you are interested to hire me for your presentation job, I’m happy to be the one to assist you. Wassalam.

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