Internet addiction

Whoa.. its been kinda like more than 10 days I didn’t hook to the net seriously. Its just because of the final projects, portfolio days and examination. For the last 4 post, I did it today and I admit, there’s alot of things that happen in this 10 days that I unable to recall so that I can pun it down here.

Besides, I have change my friendster profile. Maybe after the final exams and during the Eid Fitr holiday, I’ll change again my blog layout. My sister is catching fast on this HTML coding, that I don’t learn when I was 15. Check for her page on my links. She says that I’m out of date with this boring layout design. Yea, its true.

As a design student, I guess starting from this point, everything that I did either on paper, boards, internet, blog and so on.. I will think about designing something that have good visual appeal. That’s my advantage compares to my lil sis. Haha.. I dunno when she’ll come up with her own design. Duplicating and reproducing is her expert.. not designing yet. To my lil sis, if you read this, I hope you can change your attitude.

One more announcement to be made
Today is my blog’s first birthday
My first post was on 23rd Oct 2004.

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