Is KTM Komuter timetable reliable?

Salam. Welcome back to the public transportation issue. Last time, I’ve discussed 10 things about KTM Komuter and in this entry, let me share on one important point, which is the new schedule or timetable.

When I want to buy the ticket, I picked up the pamphlet at the ticket counter. It is the timetable for the Komuter train service. So, while waiting for my train to arrive at the station, I try to read and understand the time table. This timetable is released on 1st November 2009.
The table is quite large and it has lots of numbers.
Luckily, Transitmy just released the new timetable for KTM Komuter on their website just in time before I’m going to write about this. Its kinda weird because the timetable is not available in KTMB website itself.

I don’t want to teach you how to read the table, but my main concern is only on my traveling time and the train. This is the time table for the Bank Negara station.

This is the timetable for Setia Jaya station, which is useful when I’m going back from work. I forgot to mention that the train in brown column is the Limited Stop train, which will stop at certain stations only.

In conclusion, it shows that Komuter train is quite reliable because I don’t have to waste my time waiting. Instead, I can plan my journey either going to office or going back. No more rushing for uncertain train time like I used to do for the past six months. 😛

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Accessibility at KTM Komuter station
In the latest timetable, they also have indicated the wheelchair user icon, which symbolizes the accessibility of the station. It looks like they need to work hard to provide more facilities for the disabled. From my observation, more disabled people (OKU) are using Komuter rather than RapidKL LRT. Is it just me or do you notice it too?

P/S – I still remember watching Bourne Supremacy, on how Bourne can read the schedule at a glance during the police pursuit in Berlin.

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