It doesn’t hurt to be late adopters..

The development of technology is getting faster where you can see lots of new phones, tablets and computers hitting the market at an unimaginable speed. Most tech enthusiasts and fanatics will be the early adopters of these new technologies.

In this post, I just want to share about my personal experience, and why I prefer to be a part of late adopters, especially in owning smart devices.


Back in 2009 when I just graduated after four years in uni. I started doing freelance design services, to save money to get married..

As I only owned a PC at that time, when seeing my clients, it was kinda hard to show them my work, and show options that I had came out with to suit their requirements without any portable device.

In 2009, netbook landed in Malaysia. I decided to wait for the second gen of netbook, and then I bought one in June 2009.

Tablet era begins.

Then iPad was announced 9 months later in April 2010. It landed in Malaysia about three months later.

That was the funny thing. Before I bought the netbook, what I wanted was a simple device, which could assist me during meetings and discussion of ideas with my clients.

Back then, the netbook cost me RM1499. The first iPad also cost RM1499.

I could have simply sold my netbook in order to get a brand new iPad at that time, but among the reasons why I didn’t do so was because I’d lose money in the process of selling it. At that time I really needed money because I was getting married in Dec 2010. It’s okay to keep what I already have.

However, after quite a while, I’m lucky to have kept that netbook. It’s a windows, and I can multitask on that. Couldn’t imagine how I was to use an iPad for coding websites.

Note: This article teaches on how to build a complete website on an iPad. Yes, it is possible.

Anyway, I’m grateful that I didn’t buy the first iPad. I always told myself, it’s better to wait. First gen is always experimental.

FYI, the netbook is still working after more than 3 years. I passed it down to my sister and she is still using it for her studies at uni.

What’s next? iPad is already in the fourth gen plus a mini version, Android tablet has finally caught up with iPad, in terms of build quality, apps and ecosystem with plenty of choices and competitive prices and I still don’t own any tablet..


iPhone is the most popular smartphone and the 3GS model was introduced in 2009. Back then, I had to broadcast Digi iPhone ad on the big screen, where I used to work before.

Later in 2010, Samsung Galaxy S hit the market. Android was pretty new and I remembered that Tekong got the chance to win the phone from Maxis.

Then iPhone 4 hit the market not long after that and it was pretty tempting. But since I really needed to save money for the wedding, I guess I just had to wait. Yes, the wait was worth it. Early last year, I finally bought an iPhone 4 as a gift for my wife and could experience the iOS that people were talking about.

But I still use a feature phone. Not until last month, October 2012 which marked the date for my first ever smartphone, the Galaxy S3. Almost after three years since iPhone 3GS and I’m glad that the quality and performance is up to my expectations.

What’s next?

When Microsoft Surface hits the surface, you know what I’m gonna do? I’ll wait for the next gen. 🙂

Well, I’ll pen down my thoughts and tell what I’m looking for in my dream tablet..

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