It’s my 25th Birthday as a married man

Salam. Alhamdulillah. I’m 25 this year. Thanks to Allah for all His blessings and bounties for all these years.

It was a simple birthday celebration with my wife and our house mates, Reza and Aimi. As midnight approached, I was wondering why my wife wasn’t in the room and there were voices coming from the kitchen.

It was my wife discussing something with our housemate. I know there must be something going on. I didn’t expect that they were planning my surprise mini birthday party!

No more Secret Recipe for the time being

I missed Secret Recipe from Malaysia. Usually I’ll have SR cake at least once a month. Even my wedding cake was a carrot cake from SR.

For your information, Secret Recipe Australia only has four outlets in Melbourne. I hope they will open their new outlet near Sydney or Newcastle soon.

As an alternative to SR, we had Michel’s Patisserie. The cake was delicious and tasty. Thanks to my wife for choosing the Cookies & Cream cake.

My wife intended to bake a special cheese cake for my birthday. However because she is nearing to her final submission, we’ll just have to postpone that and make do with the cake from Michel’s.

I’m 25 years old now and I’m glad I have achieved a few of my goals in life. The most important one is getting married by 25.

My life in Australia needs some adjustment. I still have a few more goals needed to be achieved by the next financial year. (Just imitating the commercials here)

Have you tried BajetKahwin app? The easiest way to estimate how much your wedding will cost.

P/S: I missed how I used to celebrate my birthday with my friends back in IIUM and with my beloved family back in Malaysia.

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  1. I went to one of those Secret Recipe outlets in Melbourne once! Chocolate Banana has always been my favourite! Happy Birthday by the way. Enjoy your married life. 🙂

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