Its my birthday


its my birthday

I was born at 6th June 1986 in Malacca

I’ve got alotta wishes thru SMS and Friendster’s testimonials..

the times passes us too fast..

but do you realize dat..

the older we are, the sooner the death will come to us..

come and think about it..

here’s the best quote from my friend, Salikin..

>>> semoga peningkatan usiamu seiring

dengan kemantapan mindamu

“usia bukanlah bilangan waktu tapi

bilangan kesedaran”..

semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan

rezki <<<<

2 thoughts on “Its my birthday”

  1. happy b’day,
    well, sorry but i am not really here to wish u,
    frankly, i need help. r u an architect student at iium? coz i’m planin2 go there i wonder if u cud help me.
    where can a married couple stay who study architecture at iium?i’m a maldivian and i wonder if i cud get mo info….if u help, I.O.U

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