Jolicloud Pre-Beta Test Run on Asus 1000HE

First of all, thanks to Linuxmalaya for introducing me with the Jolicloud. I have installed it and I enjoy using it on my netbook. Here is the screen shot of the main menu.

Jolicloud is an operating system (like Windows XP or Windows 7), but it is a Linux based, and it is designed for netbooks. I have always wanted to install Linux on my machine since 2007 (where my first time met Ubuntu). But software compatibility and usage hold me back from using Linux.

Why Jolicloud?

I bought my netbook for internet surfing and social networking and that’s the reason why I choose Jolicloud. It is lightweight and suitable with the low-specs netbook. The applications can maximize the viewing area in my small netbook screen resolution (1024×600).

If you have a netbook, you should try and consider to use Jolicloud as an additional OS because there’s no harm in trying something new. Plus I don’t have to worry about virus, spyware and malware for now.

I still can switch back to Windows XP whenever I want, but with Jolicloud, everything is a snap! Actually, there is not much different with using XP, but its a free and that makes me feel good. I hope that they can improve the speed especially when I open few tabs in Firefox.

There are also other Linux-based OS dedicated such as Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Moblin but for now, I’ll go for Jolicloud.

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