KAED Fest vs Multidip

I’m a pretty busy guy for the past few weeks. I’m quite envied with my fellow friends who manage to find themselves a temp job for this short semester despite having to go to class. I swear if I’m not taking multidip subjects, maybe I’ll getting some fun working somewhere. There are only 3 things that keep me quite busy for this short semester; KAED Fest, Multidip project and AKHI Project.


KAED Fest is the annual event for KAED students society and I’m the Program Manager for this year. I’m busy conducting weekly meetings for the head commitees beside preparing paper work and waiting for approval. The whole background process is consuming lots of time. I hate it when the officer or Deputy Dean is not available. The next thing is to get sponsorship during this 4 week break. Here’s the list of event for KAED Fest 07: Refresh, Revive, Rejuvenate.

  • Exhibition – of students Projects
  • Pandora’s Box – Ghost House
  • Talk – from former Rector maybe
  • Stalls – food, drinks, souvenir, stuff etc.
  • KAED Stage – Cultural, bands and play performance
  • Extreme Game Demonstration – BMX flatland and Skateboards
  • Futsal Competition – open for brothers & sisters
  • Photo Competition – funny, unique, creative
  • Art & Design Competition – sand art, sculpture, graffiti
  • PES & Modelling Competition – 3Ds Max modelling
  • Appreciation Night – dinner and performance

Please take note that KAED Fest 07 took place from 18 to 22 July 2007. Please come and have fun. I just choose that date because Economics students are having their events one week later at the same proposed site. So, let’s see which events better!

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Multi-disciplinary Project (Multidip)

Next thing is about the multidip project. I’ve blog about it before and I’m terribly busy in preparing for the 1st and 2nd crit session. All of my group members stay all night and sleep in the morning for this beautification of IIUM riverbank project. By the way, its one more week left before the final presentation which was scheduled on this 8th June.

I wondered how am I gonna compose and do the best 3D project presentation combining all stuff that I’ve known so far; Sketchup 6, 3D Studio Max 8, After Effects 7 and the best video editor software ever, Ulead VideoStudio 10!! I wonder how long it will take to render the whole 3D animations. If only my group members have a machine with Core2Duo processor..

3 thoughts on “KAED Fest vs Multidip”

  1. all the best!!–>this is what can i say all this while.definitely i’ll be among the first visitor to KF coz i really wanna see the outcome of your efforts..chaiyok2~

  2. ha adlan, so this is why you are inviting IAC o your KEAD Fest, right??
    go and ask Fairuz or Wahida about this, ok. Kitorang Insya Allah bleh, kalu tak clash dgn memana show ke.

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