Konsert Mega Merdeka

I went to Konsert Mega Merdeka at Auditorium, Angkasapuri. Its also my first time I meet my Friendster, Kak Shieda. She’s cuter than I thought earlier and also when I look in her pictures. She comes with her best friend, Ejam. This guy is already engaged but he seems to like her a lot.

The concert was aired on TV1. A lot of popular local artists performed but mostly the songs was themed patriotic. Its not the mainstream and pop songs that I like.

The most important thing is that when it comes to refreshments. Since my sister involved with RTM, she used to sit at the ‘Press’ dining table. But since there was only 3 of us, its sad to see a lot of food that were wasted. I just ate little then I’m full!

P/S- The auditorium is not as big as I see in TV…

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