Leadtrain. The short form of the word Leadership Training. Its kinda word that describe ‘boring’ among matric students. Yeah, what are we suppose to do? Just sit in the hall for hours and listen to the talk. That’s boring. Some of them might just went asleep as soon the talk started.

However, I set a goal in this Leadtrain, I try not to sleep during the talk and, thank God. I manage not to sleep. But if I wanna rate it to 100%, I just slept for 5%. I also target to get all 10 free marks for my BTQ by attending all sessions, but I missed 1 slot that was held on Sunday. Its just I overslept after the Fajr prayer. So do my roommates..

Actually, we have Qiamulail on Sunday. So, I just slept for 1 hour. Luckily, I manage to perform all the prayers during my qiamulail. I wonder why they don’t perform Solat Sunat Tasbih as well…

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