Majlis Mesra Aidilfitri
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Yesterday, I went to Angkasapuri for the third time, with my sister Anis and my good friend, Faiz. There was ‘Majlis Mesra Aidilfitri Kementerian Penerangan Malaysia’ and its looks just like normal open house events but on a larger scale.

But, my sole intention is to have some food and watch performance from various local artistes. Its just that I promised my sister to bring her back by 9pm. So, there’s only Elyana and Exist, others are not very well-known to me, the ol’ skool fellas..

There’s also lots of local celebrities attended such as Aziz M. Osman, Dato’ Yusof Haslam, and many more actors, actresses that were invited by my friend. Yea.. I met her again, my sis is very sweet. Luv her.

O yea, local newspaper also giving thumbs up for the ministry as they host that event for the sake of strengthen relationship with the public, and become moderate in spending. Hehe.. its good for my luvly sis too.. hehe..

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