Major Loss

I was trying to format one of the partition in my hard disk. Unfortunately, and unconsciously, I’ve deleted the partition that has my documents, pictures, works, musics and videos. I’m not supposed to delete that partition anyway.

However, I didn’t format that partition. I hope I can recover that data somehow. My friend Aznizam told me to go to Low Yat to seek for assistance. Can you imagine if you open your computer without any YOU inside? No pictures of you.. Its just like using the cyber cafe’s computer or at computer labs.

I hope I can recover the lost partition. By the way, I’m wishing ya’ll all the best for the finals. My last paper is on Sunday 25th March.

1 thought on “Major Loss”

  1. sian ko lan…takper..start balik ever gone tru tat before..harddisk berasap trus..all my arab video and music collection ilang macam tuh..dah la i took almost 5 years untuk dapat all those stuf…

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