Malaysia Inovatif 2010 – Celebrating Creativity

Salam. Last week, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak has launched ‘Malaysia Inovatif 2010’ with the tagline, ‘Innovative Leadership for 1United, Innovative Malaysia.’

This is one of the historical moment for Malaysia in gearing towards the vision 2020, which is less than 10 years from now.

With the theme of ‘Celebrating Creativity’, which is quite inline with my blog’s tagline, ‘Innovating Creative Minds’, it is my hope to see Malaysia especially Malaysian can become creative and innovative nation in the world. Its time to show the world that Malaysia also can become as good as the Japan or even the European.

According the their website, Malaysia Inovatif portal, some activities will be organized including roadshows and exhibition throughout the year, which are:

  • Northern region (Kangar, Perlis) : 27-28 February 2010
  • Sabah (Keningau) : 24-25 April 2010
  • East Coast (Kuala Terengganu) : 19-20 June 2010
  • Southern region (Pagoh, Johor) : 7-8 August 2010
  • Sarawak (Sibu) : 16-17 October 2010
  • Central (Melaka) : 13-14 November
  • Program Jiran Muda Sabah dan Sarawak : 17-18 June 2010
  • Young Creative ASEAN Program : September 2010
  • 1Malaysia Innovation Tournament : 21-30 August 2009 (Youtube)
  • Festival Malaysia Inovatif : 24-27 November 2010

Lots of events this year. Mark your calendar guys! Its time to get creative and innovative this time. Let’s put on your thinking hat and create something cool! I bet university students and even local private companies with R&D departments will have something new to show.

All we need is a really creative idea, before we can commercialize and contribute for the society well being.

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