Does Maybank ‘stole’ my money at the petrol station?

Salam. I just want to share my experience regarding using Maybank Debit Card. When I look at my balance in Maybank2U, there’s nothing left. So what really happened?

When I trace the date, I remembered that I was using the card before I’m filling the fuel for my bike. Usually I will fill from RM3 to RM5.

When I login to Maybank2U, instead of RM5, they have deducted RM200. To make thing worst, I used the card twice when I’m filling up for my bike. Please refer to the screenshot here.


On 12th July, they deducted RM200. On 15th July, they deduct another RM200. They only refund the RM200 on 17th July. From here, it shows that Maybank will refund the RM200 pre authorize debit between 3-5 days.

The moral of the story is, don’t use Debit Card when filling up petrol at the petrol pump. Better use cash or pay with debit card at the counter.

P/S – I thought I can get more Treats point by using it more frequent!

7 thoughts on “Does Maybank ‘stole’ my money at the petrol station?”

  1. Salam.

    Adlan, bila ko isi minyak guna kad, untuk apa-apa jumlah pun, bank akan hold RM200-00 bagi setiap isi.

    Bank akan deduct jumlah tu dan akan masukkan balik baki ke dalam akaun ko dalam statement bulan depan.

    Jadi eloklah ko isi je pakai cash lain kali, lagi senang.

  2. crap… the same thing happened to me today. nasib I found your blog. I was really gonna hit the walls of Maybank. Then I realise it has happened before in my account. They debit RM200, three days later, masuk lagi. What the hell is wrong with the system, man?

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