Megatron Transformers 3: Concept art and Action Figure


In this post I would like to share about the character of Megatron in the new Transformers 3 Dark of The Moon movie.

The thing I like about Megatron is that in all three movies, he never transforms into the same vehicle. In the first movie, Megatron is a jet fighter. In the second one, he is a tank and in the third movie, he was downgraded and transformed into a tank truck.

This is the concept art of Megatron in the movie. It is done beautifully by Josh Nizzi.

This is how the toy looks like in Robot Mode

Since Megatron concept setting is in the desert, I took a picture of the toy at a sandy beach. This is the Armored Rusty Mack Titan 10-wheeler Tank Truck Mode.

I really like the details on each part of the toy, whether in robot mode or truck mode. The manufacturer really gave attention to details such as the Bulldog ornament on the truck hood.

Well that’s for now. I’m planning to do some paint job on this toy.

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