Merdeka Break

Its been awhile since my last post. I’ve been quite busy with few projects and I hope to end them as soon as possible. This time project I’m gonna make a big bucks and I’m doing best for it.

OK, now its officially Malaysia has celebrated its 50 years of independence. Its 31st August right? And I’m wishing all my readers a happy independence day. My class ended at 8.30pm and I just wanna spend my Indie Eve in UIA with my peeps. Unfortunately, there’s nothing special for this year. Some people say UIA cannot conduct the celebration because they want to give way to the proper and more Islamic event like the munajat and Qiyamullail. I missed my hedonistic lifestyle (what for?). Convest is just another loser, eventhough I’m one of the committee, but not committed enough.

I only went to the Convest hill on last Friday because I was terribly hungry. Please note that in UIA, they will close all the cafeteria from 5 pm till late, just to give Convest traders customers. Then what? I’m suffer because I ain’t got my supper. I’m glad tonight HS cafe are back to life but only 1 stall was open. What a long wait for my meal.

However, mid term break just started and students are going back to their hometown. How about me? I’ve got my studio visit to Singapore. Yeah! Its Singapore & JB 2007 Heritage and Contemporary Studies. I’ll be going this Saturday till Wednesday. I’m looking forward to enjoy myself after tiring whole week lately.

So, till then. I’ll be back with new spirit then!

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