Mitsubishi Crossover: Design Development From Concept-cX to ASX

After I look at the Mitsubishi ASX print advertisement in a local billboard, I think it looks familiar with some concept sketches few years ago.

Well, I got it right. When I dig my folder archives in my machine, I’ve found the original Concept-cX from Mitsubishi. It was dated back in 2007.

At that time, I used this rendering as a reference for my digital rendering exercise. Mitsubishi has come up with a show car ofConcept-cX. This is how it looks like.

After few months, they developed this concept with some elements of Mitsubishi Lancer.

ASX was featured in Geneva Motor Show in March 2010 and arrived in Malaysia after 7 months.

Mitsubishi also has come up with a new game changer crossover based from this concept. I’m totally in love with this sketch. It reminds me of BMW X6 but I hope the rear looks better.

Well, this is some cool stuff that I enjoy about seeing products, how they develop from concept to the end product.

P/S : If only Mitsubishi give this ASX model to Proton, then Proton may come up with their first ever Proton ‘rebadged’ SUV. Cool huh?

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