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Salam. Have you noticed some people surfing internet and social networking at cafes for hours? But how if they are actually doing work from there? The cafe is their office?

During my study in IIUM, there was a Design Methodology class with Mr. Jazman. In the final project, we were assigned to present the concept of future office. That is when I’ve started my research on mobile office.

Among the few things that I still can remember about predicting the future working lifestyle is the usage of all-in-one product. Some of my colleague even propose a vehicle (imagine a caravan) with all the facilities you need at office such as printer, fax, copier, workstation etc.

Well, as my lecturer favourite line, ‘Future is Now’. I’ve stumbled upon this local website, OfficeKami which practices mobile office concept in their working lifestyle.

After four years since that class, I can see that people are heading towards that direction. Wireless technology is making everything mobile and it makes people work faster and becoming more productive.

Personally, I do have my netbook if I want to get my job done out there. But as a designer, I really feel the need to work with large screen. Anyway, when there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s for now. Will discover more interesting topic soon.

Credits to CreativeCriminal for the McDonalds ad.

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