Montage for Majlis Iftar Perdana Hidayah Centre

Salam. This week I’ve been working on a montage for Majlis Iftar Perdana Hidayah Centre (MIPHC).

Basically, Hidayah Centre was established to help people who embrace Islam as their religion. Hidayah Centre provide support for them who have problem with their families.

In this blessing month of Ramadhan, Hidayah Centre will organize Majlis Iftar Perdana Hidayah Centre or majlis berbuka puasa to celebrate the first time fasting experience.

This year, MIPHC will be conducted in Penang, Sabah and Putrajaya. This event will be held in Putrajaya on 28th August 2010. We are looking for contribution from companies to buy tables for this dinner.

I offered my help to create a montage for this event in Penang. So check it out.

Let’s do our part in promoting Islam to the non-Muslim in Malaysia.

For more information about Majlis Iftar Perdana Hidayah Centre, you can visit their website at Hidayah Centre WordPress and official Facebook page of MIPHC.

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